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Roxanne Massaro

Thanks to SJ Wagg for her fantastic yoga for equestrians! I have definitely felt a huge difference in the way I am now able to collect my horse with my seat and it’s given me a lot more confidence in being able to move my body and get a good feel with my horse, being a lot more connected from my seat to my hand. I’ve really really enjoyed it and cant wait for the next one. Hoping she can do this on a regular basis so that my hips stay as free as they are currently!
As a rider I have always had to work incredibly hard to feel fully comfortable in sitting trot, especially if the horse was not yet fully supple in its back. The Kuda Lari Equestrian Yoga Course I did was phenomenal. It reminded me how much breath is involved in collection, it allowed me to find a lower centre of gravity without being heavy, it was fantastic for my hips (hours in front of a laptop don’t help). There were also loads of modifications for poses, which allowed me to avoid hurting old injuries.
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Mandy Schroder

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Sandy Dewar

I was fortunate enough to take part in a yoga workshop hosted by SJ. The 1st session focused on strengthening the core and opening the hips, the 2nd session focused on stretching. Although it was challenging, it was very do-able and highly beneficial.
I hacked out that afternoon and immediately noticed the difference in my seat and in my horse. In 40 yrs of riding, I have never felt more comfortable, centred and balanced in the saddled. It fit like a glove. And both horse and I had one of the best rides out! Thank you SJ, those sessions were invaluable.

Dear SJ, what fun while learning that my body could ‘pretzel’ itself in ways never imagined! Not ever having done yoga before, I didn’t know what to expect and was a little nervous before the class but you are so down to earth that I was relaxed in no time! It was truly inspiring to see what your body can achieve with regular training and I felt super relaxed, loose and uplifted afterwards. When riding that afternoon I’m sure my horse benefitted too as my hips were more open, legs longer and my shoulders and hands much softer. I reckon any rider, no matter how novice or advanced, could really benefit. You will definitely see me at your next session!
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Liesl Kaschula

Kuda Lari Equestrian Yoga

Anika Cloete

I’ve been riding for many years but have felt a huge difference in my self awareness of body control and suppleness since training with SJ. My seat is far more balanced and I also have a greater sense of calm. Loving the combination of yoga and riding. 

SJ is calm and kind and shows a true empathy to her pupils. She explains each pose thoroughly and we had so much fun challenging our bodies. She breaks down each movement and makes you realize you can do more than you think. I cannot wait to continue learning through SJ and giving my body the strength and relaxation it needs.

A friend of mine convinced me to join her at a clinic called Yoga For Equestrians, not having done yoga before I was a bit nervous but duly signed up. From the first contact, (WhatsApp messaging to sort out my indemnity and ensure that I had the required equipment), SJ was friendly and professional. On the day SJ came across as peaceful yet disciplined, her introduction was done in a natural and compelling manner and I was impressed that she remembered each persons individual injuries, (showing that she had done her preparation in depth). The sessions were fun with SJ inspiring and challenging us, she was clear in her instructions and explanations as to how each sequence was going to affect and ultimately improve our riding, (our motivation for doing this clinic), while providing an inspiring example of how we were supposed to look while attempting to do what felt like tying ourselves up in knots.

The sequences we did worked on and tested our core strength, balance, suppleness, flexibility and opened our hips. Although I did feel a bit stiff the next day I did feel as if I was sitting taller and deeper in my dressage saddle as my hips were looser and when riding in light seat in my jumping saddle I could feel some of the muscles we had worked on complaining so I knew that SJ had targeted the correct ones during the sessions. I really enjoyed the clinic and will do my best to attend any more that SJ hosts as I feel that they were challenging and therapeutic while still being within the ability of a first time yoga attempter.

As an eventer I am very aware that I need to be strong yet supple enough to get around all 3 phases while directing my equine partner without interfering with her ability to perform at her optimum. As a Physio I understand that we not only have a duty to do our best to keep our equine partners in their best physical condition possible but ourselves as well and I feel that SJ’s way of teaching yoga would be a useful tool to help achieve that goal for riders.

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Rene Brinkman

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