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Frequently Asked Questions

No! All you’ll need is a general level of fitness. 

Yes, we are able to modifications for those with injury. It is also best to get the go ahead from your doctor before beginning any course of exercise. 

All participants are required to have a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks and a strap. If you do not have these items at home, SJ has some available for sale. Should you wish to purchase from SJ kindly let her know well in advance so she may place an order on your behalf. Once an order has been placed amendments to orders are not possible. 

While you certainly can, please bear in mind that the course is not intended to be a ‘one off’ event. The goal of our course is to teach you how regular yoga can have long term benefits for your riding and your partnership with your horse. 

Our courses differ in price depending on location, travel cost and venue. Please see our events to find out when the next course near you is, and how much it will be. 

Our yoga classes cater to people of different ages, genders and  fitness abilities. A yoga teacher is trained to offer modifications and variations to suit the needs of each student on any given day.

No! Yoga is not a competition, it is an exploration of the limits of your own body. Pushing your body to its limits may mean variations on some poses and modifications on others. Always listen to your body and don’t push it past its capabilities lest you risk injury. 

Yoga increases your aerobic fitness and develops strength and endurance by using your body weight to increase your fitness and flexibility. It is however always beneficial to include more cardio based exercise in your life, such as running or swimming.

It is key to work on your flexibility and suppleness as well as that of your horse’s to take your riding to the next level. Yoga poses stretch your muscles and fascia and increase your range of motion, improving flexibility and suppleness with regular practice.

It is the sense that tells the body where it is in space. It’s very important to the brain for co-ordination, posture and body awareness. Consider that as riders we are supposed to keep our hands and legs in position, while riding. Awareness of your body will help you be able to do so, enabling you to progress with your riding otherwise you may find your hands and legs flailing around!

After entries close cancellations are unfortunately not possible. Should you wish to cancel before entires close, please contact SJ through the number or form above. 

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