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In today’s fast paced world, finding a way to relax and re-center is paramount to ensure balance and success throughout your life. Our retreats provide the ideal space to restore mindfulness and balance.

Escape from everyday life at Kuda Lari.

Kuda Lari Wellness Kenton
Kuda Lari Wellness Kenton

The Kuda Lari Lifestyle

Perfectly suited for families and groups of friends, Kuda Lari House offers a private and peaceful restorative experience. Relax in the company of your loved ones as you embark on your group wellness experience.

Private use of the house ensures that Kuda Lari is able to offer completely bespoke wellness experiences. We tailor practices, food and accommodation to suit the needs of your group, offering programs to accomplish any wellness goals.

Structure of the Retreats

Your day begins with morning yoga or pilates practice, hosted in our private on site studio. The bespoke nature of our retreats means that class times will be arranged in accordance with the needs of your group, allowing you to tailor the structure of your practice. Classes accommodate all levels of experience, incorporating various elements of practice to ensure that beginners and advanced practitioners alike can benefit from the retreats. 

Offering both breakfast and dinner, the retreat provides meals in line with your dietary requests and requirements. Whether you want to detox as you destress or enjoy the best of Kuda Lari cuisine, we have the healing retreat for you. Our honesty bar is available to guests and will be stocked in line with your beverage preferences.

Guests are encouraged to partake in some of the many activities offered to retreat goers. Read more about our activities. Many vibrant locations are within walking distance of the house, offering a variety of lunch time meal and entertainment options.

Kuda Lari Wellness Kenton


A variety of activities allow you to get the most out of your wellness retreat, creating a truly personalized and relaxing experience. Activities take place during the day, and will be arranged prior to your visit.

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Kuda Lari Wellness Kenton

Meet the Owners

Kuda Lari House is the full time residence of our wellness instructor, Sarah-Jane, and her husband, Nicholas. A retired investment banker, Sarah Jane now operates a yoga studio in Kenton-On-Sea, integrating daily yoga into a regimen of wellness. Sarah-Jane is passionate about helping others achieve balance and wellness through the practice of yoga. Sarah-Jane and Nicholas live with their three dogs, Turbo, Charlie and Angus in Kuda Lari House.


Kuda Lari is dedicated to the preservation of our environment, and this is evident throughout the house and practice. Our solar-powered system ensures that Kuda Lari is able to remain illuminated without damage to our environment, and without interference from local load-shedding schedules. We encourage guests to partake in our environmental efforts by reducing single use plastic and incorporating environmental principles into all aspects of their life.

Kuda Lari Wellness Kenton
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