Equestrian Yoga

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Equestrian Yoga

Are you looking to improve your riding, perfect your postural strength and connect with your horse?

Equestrian Yoga is a yoga course designed specifically for horse riders. This experiential workshop offers open discussion, theory, and practical classes to help you get to know your own body.

Vinyasa Yoga develops muscle strength and endurance by using your body weight to increase your fitness and flexibility. For equestrians fitness and flexibility are paramount  to allow one to progress and move forward.

On our courses you will learn how your fitness level and sense of proprioception (body awareness) affects your ability to relax mentally and perform physically. You will learn how this impacts your riding performance and will allow you to work in harmony with your equine partner.

Kuda Lari Wellness

Kuda Lari Wellness was started in 2020 and began offering Equestrian Yoga classes in 2022. Kuda Lari wellness comes out of Kenton Yoga, a yoga studio based in Kenton-on-Sea. These are owned and operated by Sarah-Jane Wagg (SJ), a lifelong equestrian and qualified yoga teacher.

SJ opened her studio shortly after retiring from finance and has practiced yoga for over 25 years. She spent many years in Indonesia, and the name ‘Kuda Lari’ is Indonesian for ‘Running Horse’. SJ understands how the practice of yoga can enhance one’s riding ability, and she is passionate about sharing this information with others. She is dedicated to helping others achieve balance and wellness through the practice of yoga.

It is out of this passion that Kuda Lari Equestrian Yoga was born. Our Equestrian Yoga classes seek to  empower individuals to take control of their own bodies and use their breath, core strength, flexibility and understanding of proprioception to enhance their riding performance.

Kuda Lari Wellness Kenton
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Let's make it a date!

Do our locations and times not suit your calendar?

Get in touch with us to discuss organising an event nearer to you. While we do offer set events on certain dates, we are excited to share equestrian yoga with as many riders as possible! As such, please contact us to discuss arranging an event at your club, your next show, or with your friends. 

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Immersive Clinics

Our half day clinics offer an introduction into the benefits and practice of equestrian yoga.  Our clinics vary based on where they are located, but all include the following elements: 

  • Theory; mindfulness, fitness and proprioception
  • Hip opening, core strength and balance practice
  • Discussion of long term lifestyle changes/benefits of yoga practice and what this means for your partnership with your horse
  • Dynamic stretching practice

For information on what each course entails as well as upcoming courses are, please look at our events page.

Refresher Courses

In addition to our half-day course we offer ‘refresher’ classes. These 90 minute sessions are intended for those who have previously taken our equestrian yoga course. The refresher class entails an hour and a half long yoga practice wherein we revisit the principles discussed in the longer course.

Our refresher practices are ideal for those looking to consolidate their skills as well as those seeking a short introduction into equestrian yoga.

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Personalized Practices

To suit your needs and time, SJ can provide you with a personalised practice sheet. 

SJ provides personalised practice plans for course attendees and individuals alike, so you can practice equestrian yoga at your pace, in your home.

An included 1 hour private class (either on zoom or in person) will help you master the exercises so you can practice them thereafter. Improve your connection with your body and your horse, in your own time.

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