Equestrian Yoga

Connect with yourself, enhance your riding

Understanding your body and increasing your awareness of yourself can provide long term benefits for your riding, and for your partnership with your horse. 

Our equestrian yoga events are all about connecting you with your body and your body with your horse.

Connect with your Body Horse

Why Equestrian Yoga?

Improve your fitness

If you want to be a competitive rider and take your horse up the grades, you need to be fit. Your fitness comprises your core strength, flexibility, balance and respiratory function.  Yoga will help you increase your postural strength and seat, which are the foundations of a riders ability.


Proprioception is the awareness of where your body is in space, and is a key teaching of Yoga. It is important to the brain for co-ordination, posture and body awareness. Consider that as riders we are supposed to hold our hands and legs in the correct position at all times.  Awareness of your body will help you be able to do so, enabling you to progress with your riding.


Mindfulness is moment-to-moment awareness, the quality of being in the now. There’s a sense of freedom, of perspective and of being connected. Practicing yoga will help you to be more mindful, connecting with yourself and with your horse, to take your riding to the next level. 

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Connect with your Body.

Connect with your Horse.

Meet Sarah-Jane

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Sarah-Jane Wagg (fondly known as SJ), is a lifelong horse rider and a certified yoga teacher, qualified to connect you with your body and your body with your horse. As a competitive rider, SJ understands how the practice of yoga can enhance one’s riding ability, and is passionate about sharing this knowledge with others. 

She aims to empower individuals to take control of their own bodies and use their breath, core strength, flexibility and understanding of proprioception to enhance their riding performance. She is dedicated to helping others achieve balance and wellness through the practice of yoga, which she used herself for many years to keep a balanced life whilst working in corporate environments, and overcoming some chronic health issues.

Upcoming Events

EL: 5th August 2022

Border Equestrian Centre

Refresher Course

This 90 minute refresher practice is ideal for those  looking to consolidate their skills as well as those seeking a short introduction into equestrian yoga.

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Personalised Practice Sheets

From the comfort of your home

SJ provides personalised practice plans for course attendees and individuals alike, so you can practice equestrian yoga at your pace, in your home.

A complementary 1 hour private zoom session will help you learn the flow so you can practice it thereafter on your own time. Be the best equestrian you can be, on your own time.

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